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2017 us Fat Bike Racers

March 17th, 2018


US Open Fat Bike Beach Championships

March 17, 2018



US Open Beach Fat Bike Championships

The US Open Fat Bike Beach Championships is a race like none other in the USA.  Being held on an all sand course along the pristine shores of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina this course will prove both challenging for competitors and fun to watch for families and fans.  With the recent and fast rising popularity of Fat Bikes, bikes with tires wider than 4″, riding a bicycle in the thick sand has become easier than ever.  Combine Fat Bikes with an ever changing beach and the competitive spirits of a bunch of bicycle riders and we couldn’t help but design a race.


The course will start in front of the host resort, The Blockade Runner Beach Resort, and traverse whatever mother nature has sculpted for us.  Laying out the course with several elements in mind, tight turns, fast sections at low tide, crossing deep truck tracks, climbing up and rolling down naturally occurring berms from long shore erosion, with of course the safety of spectators, the course will be a multi-lap event that keeps racers in sight of the spectators the whole time.  By keeping the racers tight the event will encourage spectators to line the course and heckle their favorite racer or cheer for their family member.





Wrightsville Beach Marathon

This year we are super pumped to be racing the same day as this awesome event.  If you have a family member who is a runner they should definitely run the marathon while you are enjoying your time on the beach being FAT.


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Three Distances

FAT 1 Hour

Really FAT1 1/2 Hours

Super FAT 2 Hours



March 17th, 2018